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We offer a range of indoor and outdoor printing services and have over 10 years of experience in the film industry - chances are we've worked on your favourite movie or tv show! If you're looking for something a bit more hands on, we also offer printer rentals.


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From posters and stickers to stretched canvas prints the possibilities are endless!

We carry a wide range of indoor materials including paper, banner, backlit film, newsprint, canvas, wallpapers, cut vinyl letters, stickers and decals and much more! We can print most indoor materials up to 60” wide seamless, and have a wide variety of substrates and sign backers. We can also do backdrops and trade show booths!

Now at our Langley location - a 64" flatbed UV printer, which allows us to offer printing on a wide range of materials, in an eco-friendly manner. Read more about UV printing here.

Wallpaper, stickers and other indoor printing examples from Fritzworks Printing
Indoor printing sign examples from Fritzworksprinting



From vehicles to banners we can do it all!

Our eco solvent printers produce an environmentally friendly product that is designed to be durable. We offer full colour printing on matte and glossy vinyls available in high take and removable adhesive strengths. For something even more durable ask about your project being laminated. We can also do feather flags and sandwich boards!

Adverts, window decals and other examples of outdoor printing from Fritzworks Printing
Truck wraps, sandwich boards and other examples of outdoor printing from Fritzworks Printing


Dimensional SIGNS + 3D PRINTING

From dimensional lettering, shapes, and custom sign backers our CNC machine can do the job for you!

Our 4’ x 8’ cutting bed allows us to make with precision down to a 1/100th of an inch. Our machine can cut substrates such as MDF, sintra, alupanel, foam, and plexi up to 3” thick.

For 3D Printing inquiries, please call  (604) 336-4616 (Burnaby) or (604) 371-4616 (Langley).

Dimensional signs


LASER Engraving

From name plates and door plaques to leather and glass our brand new 36” x 48” laser is the machine for your next project!


laser engraving by Fritzworks printing

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Give us a call and let's chat about it. We can print almost anything you have in mind.


Burnaby: (604) 336-4616

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Over 10 years of film industry experience

We've might have worked on your favourite show! From posters and props through to set items, we help bring movies and tv shows to life.

Rent a printer or print materials from Fritzworks Printing today!


Need to rent some equipment or supplies? We can help you out there!

We offer for rental 2018 Canon 4000S This 8-color 44-inch printer designed for the poster and signage markets exceeds expectations for speed and color consistency in a large format production printer.

The use of a new 1.28-inch wide 12-channel integrated compact print head, a high-precision mechanical platform and the L-COA PRO high-speed image processing engine achieves a balance between high-speed printing and exceptional print quality.


Our printers provide fast cad prints and high end photo printing and reproductions. We supply UV inks which do not fade like the other inks usually supplied. We also supply most print media: photo papers, matte paper, adhesive backed bond paper and canvas.